HONDA CRF 300 RALLY (T12 dry air filter for Extreme conditions)

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Il media filtrante Sprint Filter T12 è il filtro aria "a secco" più evoluto e performante del Mondo, studiato appositamente per utilizzo gravoso di moto Off-Road, Enduro e Adventure. È stato progettato da Sprint Filter per resistere a condizioni estreme come Rally Raid, viaggi nel deserto, gare estremamente polverose e per proteggere il motore dalle particelle di polvere fine durante questi usi estremi.

Con un potere filtrante di 12 micron, questo speciale filtro dell'aria non necessita di lubrificazione e richiede una manutenzione molto ridotta. La procedura di pulizia prevede semplicemente di soffiarlo con una pistola ad aria compressa. In caso di sporco persistente, il filtro aria può essere facilmente lavato con qualsiasi tipo di detergente e successivamente soffiato con aria compressa per asciugarlo velocemente

  • Outside Length :
    146 mm
  • Outside Width :
    138 mm
  • Height :
    42 mm
  • Weight :
    163 gr



Current production vehicles are typically equipped with paper filters, while performance vehicles used oil-soaked cotton or sponge. An air filter job is to guarantee good air flow while preventing significant particles from ending up in the engine. These two operations naturally oppose each other and that is where Sprint Filters’ polyester filtering fabric takes a leap above the rest. Polyester fabric is extremely permeable, stable and is not affected by folding during construction. Cotton or sponge air filters, on the other hand, have a weaving that depends on the overlapping of numerous layers, leading to poor flow in some areas and ineffective filtration in others.

The construction precision of the Sprint Filter polyester air filters offers equal filtration that remains constant over time. By contrast, a cotton air filter has extremely variable openings, from just a few microns to several tenths.

Premium cotton 4 layers air filter - microscope view 10x

Premium cotton 4 layers air filter - microscope view 10x

Sprint Filter P037 air filter microscope view 10x

Sprint Filter P08 air filter microscope view 10x



The uniform and compact polyester filtering element consists of a thin filament of fabric, forming a mesh of several dozen microns, capable of trapping all significant particles and ensuring a very high air flow rate. Our polyester air filter guarantees a very high air flow that neither cotton filters nor OEM paper filters can achieve. Remember this simple equation: More Air = More Power!




The Sprint Filter polyester air filters retain 93.13% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08 air filter) - 91.8% of 37 μ particles (Sprint Filter P037 air filter) - 95.22% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter) versus the 76.42% of 4-layer oil-soaked cotton

Because of its uniform structure, the Sprint Filter air filter ensures less air flow disturbance, also thanks to the exclusive and patented filtering material in single-layer polyester




Sprint Filter creates over 50 years innovative products made with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced materials: from aluminum, steel, and then move on to materials in polyurethane foams and compact disks to get to plastics all kinds of fine carbon and kevlar. The entire process of manufacturing our products is done internally with sophisticated equipment design and production: designed with advanced three-dimensional cad-cam our filters and extraction systems are built using molds developed with numerical control machines and realizzatiinfine with modern machinery for molding plastics and dispensing of polyurethane.