About Us

Established in 1952, SPRINT FILTER started building air filters and intake systems, high-performance, even then highly innovative, working in collaboration with leading manufacturers of power and top teams. Since the early fifties the research and development of new fabrics filter and vacuum systems were the basis of the creation of our products.

Since 1995 we have been manufacturing cotton air filters for cars (over 1600 codes of car air filters). Since 2008 we have been manufacturing motorbikes air filters with a new patented polyester tissue. In 2009 we stopped the production of cotton air filters for motorbikes and we have started producing only the P08 polyester air filters only. Since 2013 we have been manufacturing a patented and revolutionary technology of waterproof air filters.    

With the experience gained in over fifty years, years that ranks among the oldest companies of industry, we are able to meet every need, from simple filter sporty replacement for the original, entire extraction systems carbon fiber, glass fiber, and in various plastic materials, with filter elements ranging from common cotton gauze to polyester fabrics micronicamente calibrated.